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What is Wrong With the World Today?

Ladies and gentleman! Introducing Senator Dakota Davis!

hmm, I like the ring that has too it.. Maybe president Dakota Davis would be even better. No, this is not my way of telling everyone of my future career in politics. Let me explain from the beginning (shout out to Jordynn Miller for being able to spell beginning), today was the Tri High Model Legislature field trip. The AP  US History class had to write three bills that we think should become laws and then present them to another school to pass them as “laws.” I must admit that the process was actually quite fun, I had a good time seeing what other people had to think of the solutions I had to some of the countries biggest problems today. Speaking of some big problems in today’s society, My heart goes out to all those involved in the Boston Marathon Bombing. The perpetrator(s) will soon be brought to swift justice. Even while my heart and (hopefully) those of my readers aches for these innocent live lost, there are those who simply do not care. These ignorant people are those of the Westboro Baptist Church. These sick, even demented people have decided that they will “picket” the funerals of those who were killed in Mondays bombing. Westboro Baptist Church believes that the blood from the bombing is on “Anti-Christ Obama’s” hands. Also that since Massachusetts has now legalized gay marriage, that the bombing was God’s punishment.  They are quoted on their website saying, “Thank GOD for the Boston Massacre ” or “Soldiers die, God laughs.” These people are an absolute abomination to the human race. My blood boils at the thought of  these people wasting oxygen on plant Earth. I have a question the people of Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) how do you live with yourselves?! How can you possibly distort the message of Christ so much that somehow what you get out of it is hate?! Funny how Jesus says in Mark 12:31 to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” or what about Paul’s teachings to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 13:13 “The greatest commandment is love?” Am I a Christian? Yes!! But the Christ I follow is a loving man with peaceful teachings that would surpass those of Buddha. If you see him as anything else, you’re not only 100% wrong, but also completely stupid. I am usually able to hold in annoyances or anger when I am around people because you are to be “…Slow to anger.” (James 1:19) But how can one be expected to not be appalled at what these “Christians” are doing? If Jesus were on Earth now, I can only imagine what would be happening. I see an image of Jesus Breaking their hate signs and turning over the tables that are collecting donations on their picketing sights. Needless to say dear reader, These people make me sick and the kids stuck in that church should be rescued from the child abuse.

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Procrastinating…. again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here I am, a seventeen year old honors student too lazy to pick up my phone and simply text someone for the password to our English online book. But hey, that’s what lunch is for right? No.. probably not. Right now however, I simply could not care less. I just got back from, well, a date I guess you could call it.. My girlfriend, Audrey, and I went on a little adventure to New Castle, picked up some Taco Bell and Dairy Queen, then headed over to Brayden’s house (yes, the same Brayden as yesterday). Audrey came up with the idea of playing the timeless prank, Ding Dong Ditch. Little did she know, that around these parts, they don’t call me the “Ditch Master ©” for nothing. I snuck up to the house, and in three seconds flat, had made it up to the door, rung the doorbell, set down the Dairy Queen cup, and made it back to my car. Like a coiled viper, I had struck. About three minutes later, my phone rings. “Hello?” “Did you leave a Dairy Queen cup on my porch?!” asked Brayden. “Possibly” as I suppress a laugh. “Well, I didn’t see it, so whenever I opened the door, I stepped it and the stuff went everywhere!” Audrey hears this and the laughs can no longer be held down. Brayden, if you’re reading this, take this as my some-what formal apology. Audrey, if you’re reading this, I’m not throwing you under the bus. I love you. Random person, I’m sorry if you don’t know Brayden or Audrey. Today was the first day of the week I woke up and didn’t feel like strangling a baby raccoon. Which means I guess you could say it was a good day. My online class is finally finished, and my college history grade is back up. Now if only i could muster up the motivation to go online and read The Devil and Tom Walker. Something tells me that the chances of that actually happening are, quite frankly, slim to none. Sorry Mrs. I. Anyhoo, hope everyone had a fantastic day! I’ll post again tomorrow, with some (probably) pretty interesting stories from fishing with Brayden. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes, “Everything is funny, as long as it’s happening to someone else.” — Will Rogers

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Hello world! My name is Dakota Davis and recently, as in today, I decided that it was high time I started my own blog. For the skeptics out there or just my friends that are saying, “Why would anyone start a blog?” My answer? OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE! I have been reading the book Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs. In the book, Jacobs suggests, or rather merely mentions, a recent study done that has astounding evidence that starting your own blog can be quite stress relieving. Kind of like a 21st century diary. Instead of starting out every entry as “Dear Diary,” you just type the thoughts inside of your head and BOOM! POW! the internet magi take your thoughts on a long journey, weaving in between   microscopic meteoroids and having near death experiences all for the sake of your words being put for the world to see. Thanks Internet Magi! This is my first post, and already I can feel the therapeutic results that were said to happen! my thoughts are becoming clearer! My stress is slowly edging to the back of my head! My stomach is growling! (Well that might be because it’s dinner time.) Blogs are amazing! I guess that only the future has to tell what is going to come of my blogging days, but my feelings are that they will not soon be forgotten. So whether you saw this browsing through the interwebs,  on Facebook, or you may have even heard me mention it to Brayden today at school. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the first post and come back for the many that are surely to come!

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